Spida Solutions is an innovative information technology group with a passion for the opportunities presented by the convergence of service and component based architectures

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Common Sense Approach

Spida Solutions strives to provide clients with a common sense approach to software development

We believe in making use of best of breed software without big label licence limitations wherever possible.

We also recognise that many organisations continue to work with a range of vendor products and are equally comfortable engaging with such development projects.

Inception to Implementation

Spida Solutions is able to provide both turnkey solutions and consultancy services

We can provide these wherever you are in your project lifecycle, from inception through to implementation.

We can enable fast project start up and rapid delivery of robustly tested, high quality solutions either through our extensive library of project archetypes and test frameworks or by consulting with your in-house teams to produce your own.

Stronger Together

Spida Solutions seeks to partner with the best of breed software providers.

Spida Solutions is a Community Partner for WSO2 which provides the only completely integrated enterprise application platform for your connected business.

By being part of a global network of partners we can provide customers with the expertise they need to meet their business challenges.

Spida Solutions are proud to be a Community Partner of WSO2.

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API Management

Spida Solutions is a leading provider of API management solutions

We can help you realise the potential benefits of a mature API management strategy, increasing agility with new digital assets, leveraging existing systems, creating a seamless experience for your users, gaining deep insight into asset use, and protecting assets with world class security.

Read how Spida Solutions helped the world class fulfilment and delivery solutions provider EC Group streamline their client on-boarding by implementing an API Management strategy to harmonise their client facing services into one consistent API.

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Containerised Microservice Architectures

Spida Solutions has real-world experience with using Containerised Microservices to build flexible systems for our clients

Customer Stories

A Microservice Architecture is one where complex systems are broken down into independent small services, which can be developed, tested deployed, scaled and managed in isolation. Components are no longer separated by tier or in layers but are broken down into fine grained, independent functions. Each service is managed and controlled as an entity in its own right and should be replaceable without impacting the larger system.

Containers, such as Docker, enable finer-grained execution environments and permit application isolation, both great enablers for microservices applications. Container automated management systems, such as Kubernetes, allow the orchestration of containerised services into systems meeting complex requirements. At Spida Solutions we see containers as integral to a microservices architecture.

Containerised Microservice Architectures provide an excellent fit with agile organisations where small teams have full responsibility for a service from inception to deployment and management. The result is extreme development velocity and highly adaptable, quality systems.

Spida Solutions has applied the Containerised Microservice approach to meeting requirements, from simple, small-scale applications to replacing major legacy messaging systems with orchestrated, containerised microservices.

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Automated Software Delivery in an Integration Environment

Spida Solutions specialises in test driven development for integration projects

Test-driven Development in an integration environment presents a unique set of constraints and requirements but remains central to the rapid delivery of high quality, agile systems. A test framework which conforms to an organisation's Continuous Integration platform yet remains lightweight, flexible and team-oriented is essential for delivering the digital assets demanded by businesses today.

Spida Solutions are specialists in this field leveraging our long experience with testing component-based systems and large-scale integration projects. We have applied our approach to integration projects from API publication to large scale legacy systems on technologies such as IBM Integration Bus.

We can provide customised turn-key testing solutions or assist in-house development teams with establishing test frameworks tailored to the organisation.

Read how Spida Solutions helped to rearchitect and deliver a flexible test framework for a leading UK bank.

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